No one writes to the colonel

6 Oct

My previous post was on the subject of author queries, and the best approach to querying an agent. But what should an author do when they submit their query, and then never receive any kind of response from the agent? If this happens, it means a) the agent has passed on your query, or b) your query has been lost in a sea of queries, and overlooked by the agent. Although the latter scenario is less likely to occur, it still does happen. My advice to writers, is if you reach out and do not hear anything within the 6-8 week period then chances are the agent is not interested in your query and you should look to another agency for representation. In an instance where you do have some initial contact with the agent (they request a partial etc.), but then never hear back, this means the agent has chosen to pass on your work and for whatever reason did not inform you of their decision. Most agents do their best in responding to writers in these instances, as most agents recognize that even a rejection is preferable over no contact at all. Unfortunately, there are going to be times when the agent simply forgets to respond, and my advice would be to let sleeping dogs lie. Yes, it’s unfortunate when this happens, but the fact remains that whether or not the agent gets back to you, they have decided to reject your work. So, unless you are adamant to receive some feedback, I would move on and focus your attention elsewhere.


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