Hey Ma, I’m Home

9 Mar

I am fortunate enough to work with a diverse, and lovely bunch of authors. Two of my most creative, and zany clients just happen to be related to one another. I work with a Mother and Daughter writing team, who have compiled a set of Mother-Daughter correspondence that they wrote to one another while living under the same roof. Hey Ma, I’m Home came to life when the daughter moved back in with her Mother, as she tried to secure work overseas. Prior to the daughter taking up residence in her old bedroom, the Mother had been relishing the freedom that comes from an empty nest…and was startled to say the least when she realized the sanctuary, that was once her home, was soon to be invaded and turned upside down in ways she could only dream (or rather, have nightmares) about.

The result of this sharing of communal space is a series of comical and touching correspondence that will not only make you laugh, but will also speak to the many generations who currently are, or have been at some point, in the same boat.

Lucky for you, they have continued this correspondence even though the daughter now resides in the UK and have created a blog that showcases some of the old material, and contains weekly updates as they find new and quirky ways to enlighten and annoy one another from across the pond. If you are looking to have a daily chuckle, you should sign up to follow their blog here: http://heymaimhome.wordpress.com/


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