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Freelancer a go go

5 Mar

It’s been a project in the making, but I finally set aside the time, and just this afternoon slapped together a blog devoted to my freelance editorial work. Bear with me, as the site is still very much under construction. Nevertheless, I figured there was no better time than to announce that I am making attempts to take on the role of editor as more of a daily occupation than before. ¬†Over the years, I have discovered that editing truly is my niche. I feel the most comfortable with this side of publishing, and I feel this is where I excel. I have always enjoyed the process of taking something, tinkering and reworking it, and making it into a stronger and more accessible version of itself. Having a voracious appetite for literature, editing has always been the most rewarding aspect of being an agent, as it has allowed me to engage a work in a way that simply reading it and promoting it could not.

Over the years, I have edited a wide variety of materials. Whether it has been press releases, magazine/newspaper articles, book reviews, resumes, cover letters, manuscripts or dissertations, I have always enjoyed the work.

So please hop on over to my new blog, and if you know of anyone requiring any editorial assistance on their work please refer them to my page.