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All Hallow’s Read

31 Oct

As it is Halloween, I thought I would share some literary treats for you to enjoy!

First up, we have a series of morbid, yet beautiful poems via Flavorwire. Get cozy in an armchair and lose yourself in these poems about death & dying. The perfect way to celebrate the day of the dead!

Immediately after reading these hauntingly tragic poems, I recommend inserting some comic relief into your day by perusing these hilarious ‘Shopping for groceries with the romantic poets’ sketches by cartoonist Jason Novak.

And if sharing + scary books are  your thing, you should definitely check out Neil Gaiman’s Halloween initiative to get scary books into the hands of children, which he hopes will become a Halloween tradition in the years to come. As a kid, I would have loved to have received some scary books/comics while trick or treating. I think it’s a great idea, and I hope it takes off!

And because I love Henri —


My Heart Is Not My Own hits bookshelves…

5 Aug

Michael’s book hits bookshelves across Canada starting tomorrow, and I cannot stress how beneficial it would be to you and your bookshelf if you were to acquire a copy of My Heart Is Not My Own.

I think it’s safe to assume that everyone who worked on this book is super excited to see the end result hit bookstores tomorrow. Beyond the excitement, I know we are all (Penguin, and The Rights Factory) of the opinion that this book is special and deserving of attention, and we are hopeful that the readers will share in our enthusiasm. I truly do foresee great things for Michael and this book!

To better promote My Heart Is Not My Own, Penguin has launched some book events out West. As his agent, I wanted the book to receive some coverage in the Toronto area, and so our agency is hosting a book launch for Michael at Type Books on September, 23rd. If you are interested in attending the event at Type, please drop me a line at and I will add you to the mailing list for the official evite.

To further promote the book, Michael is going to be a contributing editor to the National Post for four articles starting August 6th and running until August 9th. I will be posting the links on here and via Twitter.

I am just so thrilled for Michael, and am so happy that we’ve had this opportunity to work together. I am also incredibly grateful to Adrienne Kerr over at Penguin for spotting the potential in M’s work and taking the time to work with Michael to make the book the best that it could be. I will no doubt be rushing into several of Toronto’s bookstores tomorrow to see where the book has been placed (and maybe pulling a Celeste, and moving the book to the staff picks area) and have already pitched the book as a fall read for multiple Toronto based book clubs who seem eager to get their hands on a copy.

My Heart Is Not My Own can be found in all good Canadian bookstores starting August 6th, 2013. The book will also be available for purchase on Amazon. But I would urge you to buy a copy from your favourite indie bookstore. Please support the independents, and keep the indie bookstores doors open.

Speaking of independent bookstores, this is a video Type Books created last year. I think it is going to be the perfect venue for the launch!

My Heart Is Not My Own

1 May

It’s official, my author Michael Wuitchik’s debut novel will be out on bookshelves this August!,,9780143187981,00.html?MY_HEART_IS_NOT_MY_OWN

If you might recall, the book had originally been under the title Three Stone Fire. The renaming of the novel came about after a lovely phone chat between myself, Michael, and his editor Adrienne. It was our mutual feeling, that the current title did not do the story justice. Michael’s wife Shelley had made reference to a particular line in the novel, and it was unanimously agreed that she had hit upon something special.

It was in that instant, the emotionally charged, and perfectly apt title My Heart Is Not My Own was born.

As soon as I heard it, I knew it was the right title for Michael’s novel. In my mind, a title like this speaks to readers on both an emotional and cerebral level. Not only does it immediately tug on the heart strings, it also leaves the meaning of the contents of the novel open to subjective contemplation. Adding a level of mysteriousness to the novel; piquing the curiosity of the readership.

And if the title is not enough to spark your interest; the lovely endorsements that are coming in for Michael’s novel should suffice in persuading the readers of the world to dive right in.

“My Heart Is Not My Own is not an easy read. But books that compel us to leave
the comfort of our worlds to understand the humanity of others seldom are. It
is a testament to the strength of Wuitchik’s courageous characters that we are
not left without a sense of hope. This is a book worth spending time with.”
—Yejide Kilanko, bestselling author of Daughters Who Walk This Path

As will the gorgeous cover that Penguin has designed. Visually, it is stunning. (see above link)

All in all, I think Michael’s book contains all of the key elements that make for a great book.    I am just so grateful I had the opportunity to work with him on it, and see it through to publication. It’s been such an amazing journey, and I look forward to keeping on down this path with him.

Let us celebrate these books, that take shelter in the walls and ceilings that surround.

11 Feb

Bookshelf porn. It is what it is. For people like me, this website offers up a constant stream of eye candy. The images contained will surely make you salivate. Not to mention the excess bouts of joy you will experience, as you daydream about erecting one of these structures within your very own living space.

Books Galore!

2 Feb

If there was a bookstore in Toronto as lovely as the ones listed below, I imagine I would want to spend every waking moment there. So thrilled to see that S&Co. made the list!

To be fair, the Nicholas Hoare bookstore in Toronto is simply gorgeous. As is the location in Ottawa (and we cannot forget to mention the gorgeous feline that graces the store with its presence). I have never visited the store in Montreal, but will have to make a point of it next time I am there.

Dear George,

18 Dec

Before I ever stepped foot in Shakespeare and Co., I was familiar with your story. Growing up in the small town of Kitchener, and being a novice writer, I could only dream of taking refuge in the upstairs lodgings at your bookstore. I greatly admired your passion for literature, travel, and your aptitude for new languages (the latter to which I am deeply envious of). On my first visit to Paris, visiting S&Co was on the top of my list. The welcoming and musty atmosphere of that little bookshop has stayed with me, and I know that I will always take pleasure from a never changing S&Co in years to come.

You will continue to be an inspiration to me, and to so many others within the literary community.

Merci pour tout,